Complete Registry Cleaner 5 Review

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This program is no longer available.

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Complete Registry Cleaner from Abexo is an outstanding registry repair utility. The program is well-designed and simple enough for a novice user to understand.

Complete Registry cleaner includes safety features such as individual undo functions, registry backup and system restore applications. The addition of severity rankings and categorical division of errors would make the system much more secure.


Complete Registry Cleaner is very easy to use, requiring only three clicks to run a sweep of the entire system. The simple screen design makes it easy to backup, scan and defrag your registry.


Complete Registry Cleaner offers many convenient features including registry backup, registry cleanup, registry defrag, auto-run and undo-cleanups. Backing up your registry is a simple process with this program. There are customization options available to direct the program in performing specific searches. Once the registry cleaner has scanned your system, you may delete the files containing errors either manually or automatically. You may perform both individual and complete undo of your deletions. Advanced users will appreciate the feature that shows the precise location of the error and transports you directly to the error through reg-edit. The auto-run feature allows you to perform a disk cleanup, scandisk, disk defrag, registry backup, registry cleanup, registry defrag and machine shutdown while you are away from the computer.

Registry Cleaning Items

There were no complications during the installation of Complete Registry Cleaner.

Help & Support

The help and documentation segment for this program was useful. There are convenient help and support buttons that grant access to online FAQs, a support forum and email support.


Complete Registry Cleaner is one of the most user-friendly registry repair programs on the market. It is an excellent software solution for the advanced registry user. With the addition of severity rankings, this product would be much safer for the novice user.

Complete Registry Cleaner 5 Visit Site