Registry Healer 4.5 Review

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This program is no longer available.

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Registry Healer from Infinisource is the same product as Registry First Aid with one minor exception. They were developed by the same developer. Registry First Aid is simply a rebranded copy of Registry Healer marketed exclusively by Rose City Software. The only difference between the two products was that Registry First Aid had a slightly easier navigation. Registry Healer is rated N/A due to the fact that Registry First Aid was already reviewed and they are the same product.

  1. Amount of time to scan entire registry.
    Seconds (Less is Better)
  2. 0 Registry Healer
  3. 37 Seconds
  4. 37 Seconds
  5. 84 Seconds
  6. Category Average
    124.82 Seconds
Registry Healer 4.5 Visit Site